There is no Better Motivation than Soccer

Just the thought of having the Copa America so accessible to me and my soccer fan friends is HUGE motivation. You see, when the last World Cup was being played, I tried going to Brazil to watch it live… but there were many factors that made it simply impossible to pull off:

  • Financial: Traveling to Brazil ain’t cheap!
  • Time: the World Cup lasts about a month. What?? Go to another country for a month? My Girlfriend would kill me.
  • Work: let’s pretend I make a lot of money and my girlfriend was an independently wealthy lady who inherited millions from her grandfather… Who’s gonna feed the dog??

Anyway, going to Brazil just wasn’t an option. So the fact that the next best tourney is coming to America and I have several months to prepare, motivates the crap out of me! Let’s get registered now for some tickets!